Our Royal Beginnings: Unveiling Our Legacy



The inception of Queen Panda, LLC was necessitated by the notable absence of personalized support within the realm of project management and planning. Though life coaches were present, their services often entailed a substantial financial commitment and no required formal training. While therapy proved beneficial to many, logistical constraints such as appointments and insurance requirements arose for many others. Amidst a plethora of online resources, selecting the most suitable method for an induvial easily became a daunting task. The establishment of the Queen Panda company aims to bridge this gap of resources to the public by granting access to the very same project management tools routinely employed by businesses, universities, and prominent institutions to achieve success. Queen Panda is committed to ensuring accessibility by tailoring its offerings to accommodate diverse budgetary constraints. What was once a mere aspiration can now transform into a tangible reality.


T. Lyn discovered Ryder Carroll's bullet journaling system while completing her master's degree program in Financial Statistics and Risk Management back in 2017. It was during this time she discovered her passion for organization and the significance of creativity in generating success with time management. Unfortunately, T. Lyn also endured hardships during this time and was a victim of domestic abuse. Most of the damage caused by isolation and gaslighting. However, her notebook became the source of proof in validating much of her experiences. Thus, documentation became an integral part of her life, and with this in mind, she continued her education to obtain her Project Management Professional (PMP) certification in 2020. With her educational and professional experience in organization, T. Lyn strives to share these tactics with the planning community by offering tools to promote sustainability, mindfulness, and positivity.


We offer a platform where your creativity can inspire others, our teachings can provide solutions, and together we can not only manage but also reduce the stresses of life. At the Queen Panda company, we hope to help you boost your memory recollection, record life's most impactful moments, and organize it all in a space that's made just for you.


Our company vision is to create an inclusive space meant to encourage and inspire our community members. This is an environment where we celebrate individuality and uniqueness with creativity in organization.


Here at Queen Panda, we strive to not only consider the internal growth of our customers in helping them achieve success, but also the external forces that support our needs as well. We are a company eager to promote sustainability, mindfulness, and positivity. With these principles in mind, our company supports the victims of domestic abuse through donations to local non-profit organizations from every purchase. These survivors crave these principles just as all humans do, and we aspire to offer that through our contributions.